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"... [disclosure of matters which could give rise to justifiable doubts about an arbitrator's impartiality] is not just a question of best practice but is a matter of legal obligation."
"... it is important that more information be made available to the parties, so as to protect awards against challenges ..."
"a duty of disclosure is undoubtedly part of the law of England ... Disclosure is currently missing from [the Arbitration Act 1996]. For these reasons, we propose that the duty of disclosure should be codified ...".

A solution designed by arbitration lawyers for arbitration lawyers

In a world of increasingly complex arbitrations (including the way that they are funded) the traditional practice of reliance on a lawyer keeping informal notes (or another equally unstructured manual system), and searching only the parties' names through a conflict checking system, to record and analyse possible conflicts of interest and / or the appearance of bias, is increasingly creating a unacceptable level of risk for all involved in the arbitration process.


ConflictCheck is a service that has been designed from the floor up to properly process, document and store the details of the parties, their counsel, witnesses, experts, funders and other interested parties and the arbitrators' discloures.

By creating transparent recording of all disclosures which are then stored in a secure cloud based platform, the right decisions can be taken and risks mitigated. Our platform offers an easy to use, logical and extremely secure solution at a cost that delivers tangible return on investment (both from a fee perspective and also from lawyer time).

Please explore this site (particularly the FAQ's section) which has been designed to answer the questions you may have. If you require further information please use our contact form.

Core Features

A full featured service designed for dispute resolution professionals

An effective solution

The system has been designed for the arbitration professional and minimises data entry whilst providing prompts to ensure all the relevant information is recorded.

Logical and secure

Data collection and storage is logical and secured by 128-bit AES encryption and hashing system making the information available only to those you authorise.

Case available securely 24/7 from any browser

Conflict Check is a cloud based service making it and your data available to authorised users day and night from any global location via any PC, Mac or tablet without the need to install additional software (a standard web browser and internet connection is all that is required).

99.9% Uptime

Reliable fully backed up and protected cloud servers ensure the Conflict Check system and your data is available whenever you need it.


Collaboration with colleagues and data sharing / data entry is easy.

Easy setup and management

Be up and running in just a few minutes following registration with no set up fees or additional admin charges.

Choose Conflict Check

A purpose built solution

Designed from the start to provide busy arbitrators with a service that adds value and reduces cost, time and risk.

Data is fully secured

128-bit AES and hashed encryption systems provide client and practice confidence

Easy to use and always available

Access your data from any location with just a desktop, laptop or tablet and a standard browser. No additional software is required.

Step 1

Read and agree our terms & conditions

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Sign in to the site.

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Step 3

Enter all involved parties and follow the on-screen prompts to identify and document possible conflicts.

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Step 4

The end result is a documented record of identified possible conflicts which can be shared with all arbitrators and their clients in the pursuit of complete transparency. During this process the information is fully available to all authorised personnel and secured with the best available industry data security and encryption systems

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Conflict mapping made easy with Conflict Check !


99.9% Uptime Fully encrypted site with data stored with 128-bit AES

and cryptographically hashed Designed by a lawyer for law firms